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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Rabid and Very Visible Democrat Opposition to Trump

I think the rabid and very visible Democrat opposition to Trump is a good thing. These folks are exercising their Constitutional right to freely express themselves and to associate with groups of people who feel the same way.
It's also great because they are all being put on the historical record for what they claim to oppose and what they believe Trump will do. When none of that happens, they will forever be remembered as being "on the wrong side of history" as they are so inclined to say about conservatives and Republicans.
Hooooray for Hollywood!
I'm going to print out the pictures of every Democrat in Congress who doesn't go to the inauguration and I already have saved the pathetic little video vignettes the Red Diaper Doper Babies in Hollywood produced. Better archive them now, because like they did with their quotes about Saddam Hussein, Democrats tend to forget what they said.
All presidents make mistakes. Not all of their policies work as intended but Democrats always want to judge Republican presidents by a criminal standard. They pick apart the minutiae and scream "Look! He got that one thing wrong! He's a guilty failure! Not my president! Not my president!"
I actually laughed out loud last night as one "Protect Obamacare" protester here in Utah was interviewed - she said that Trump must tell everybody exactly what he plans to do, exactly how it is going to work, exactly how much it will cost and exactly what level of care people currently receiving subsidies and insurance through Obamacare can expect (I'm paraphrasing because I was laughing too hard to listen to it all). What is funny is this is the same bunch of people who slathered Pelosi with adoration when she and the rest of the Democrats were "You have to pass it to see what is in it" and promising you can "keep your plan/doctor if you like your plan/doctor" and healthcare costs would be going down by $2500 per year when they knew all along they were lying (according to Jonathan Gruber).
I've no idea how a Trump presidency will go. I do know Democrat presidents are almost always predictable. Democrats always seek negative solutions - they seek increase government government control to stop people from doing certain things, try to regulate people into doing what the government wants them to do and seek to inhibit freedom by reducing liberty. Democrats have never met an individual activity they didn't want to control.
GOP presidents are less predictable, often representing a schizophrenic mix of progressivism and conservatism. For example, Dub was castigated as a GOP conservative hardliner when he was actually a moderate, almost Clintonian president - he was almost Dem-Lite, especially in his second term. If his first term had not been totally engaged in war and concerns for national security due to 9/11, we might well have seen how Clinton-like "compassionate conservatism" really was - but when taken in total, Dub's eight years at the wheel were at least right leaning.
Overall, there is no doubt. Obama was a progressive - a socialist leaning, central control loving, pen and phone ruling Democrat president.
Whatever Trump is - it seems will prove to be even more unpredictable and more elusive to classify.
I will choose to judge Trump as I believe all presidents should be judged - by the civil law standard of a preponderance of evidence. I believe Trump has a real chance to be successful as long most of his efforts are designed to free up the economy, to reduce burdensome regulations and to cut the worthless bureaucratic costs of government.
Whether he is successful or not remains to be seen - but the Democrats have laid down their markers and they are betting on failure...and we know who they are.

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